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Hard Work and Grit Lead to Success

Leading in Chemical and Environmental Technologies

The W.K. Merriman Story

Drawing from over 30 years of industry experience as a leader in the wastewater industry, we offer the stability and reliability of a larger company with the flexibility and customer service of a small business.

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Our Niche

WKM offers specialized and extended services in water treatment technologies and commodity chemical sales. In an evolving industry, we've carved out our niche by assisting manufacturing facilities and public treatment plants find products to fit their needs. These chemicals improve plant efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide a safer work environment.

World Class Portfolio

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Leading in Chemical and Environmental Technologies

Find out how our water treatment technologies and commodity chemicals can improve your business operations.

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See how our team can provide creative and technical expertise for any water or chemical challenge that you face.

Water Pumps


Read how we can offer tanks, valves, pumps, and mixers required for each individual water treatment system.

How are you treating your water?

Our Result Driven Approach

01 Analyze

We analyze neutralization system information like discharge limits and metal concentrations to identify which alkali fits your system.

02 Test

We conduct testing in our laboratory which takes into account information like current product usage, and projected alkali reduction.

03 Implement

We can arrange thorough plant trials on any scale from drums to full truckloads, all without taking the current neutralizer offline.

04 Finalize

We help you develop a plan for full-scale conversion while providing prompt deliveries, quality service, and ongoing technical support.

Our Work in the Industry

Our technical team works closely with our customers to offer creative solutions spanning from pH control to biological stimulation and analysis. Drawing from over 30 years of industry experience, our team also provides technical engineering solutions for chemical storage, feed equipment, and inventory monitoring.

Robots manufacturing robots at an automotive factory


Implementation of a Liquid Lime Slurry system improving chemical consistency as well as employee safety by replacing their Caustic and manual bagged Lime system.

A series of pipes at a chemical treatment plant

Chemical Treatment

Eliminated dusting and regular system plugging with a Liquid Lime Slurry system while creating a healthy biological system through the use of Byogon.

Coal being processed at a facility

Coal Mining

Converted from Sodium Hydroxide to Liquid Lime Slurry which resulted in improved sludge quality in treatment settling ponds and a savings of six figures in chemical costs.

Overhead view of workers at a food processing plant

Food Processing

Magnesium Hydroxide and Byogon were trialed and integrated resulting in BOD levels being cut in half as well as a 20% reduction in solids.

Arial view of a local municipal treatment facility

Municipal Treatment

Assisted with the DEP and local municipality to boost alkalinity, improve nitrification and ammonia removal by implementing a Magnesium Hydroxide system.

A series of power generation plants

Power Generation

Converted to a Liquid Lime Slurry System that replaced an inefficient Hydrated Lime system that caused routine plant shutdowns and expensive repairs.

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