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The W.K. Merriman Story

Drawing from over 30 years of industry experience.

W.K. Merriman was established in 1986 by Bill and Mary Ann Merriman out of their home in Pittsburgh, PA. Bill Merriman’s early professional experience stemmed from raw material sales at Mobay and Bayer. Mary Ann incorporated her marketing and business development experience at Westinghouse. They both shared an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to work hard to shape a successful business. With Bill’s chemical expertise and Mary Ann’s marketing knowledge and ambition, they had a vision and took a risk.

Newspaper clipping of Bill and Mary Ann Merriman

In the early years, they successfully implemented a strong product portfolio that furnished bulk raw materials from the Gulf Coast to Midwestern steel mills and food production while also servicing the Oil and Gas Industry in the Ohio Valley. Moving into the mid 1990’s, they identified an opportunity to improve water quality generated from industrial production. Their main goals were to decrease operational costs and provide a safer chemical work environment for employees. A partnership with Dow Chemical to technically represent their Magnesium Hydroxide production in the Mid Atlantic was formed in 1991. W.K. Merriman grew and became Dow Chemical’s #1 Technical Reseller in the United States through the 90’s and into the 2000’s.

W.K. Merriman’s expansion grew to include seven production terminals, manufacturing Liquid Lime Slurry, Dolomitic Lime Slurry and Magnesium Hydroxide. Our terminals are strategically located throughout the Midwest, South, and East Coast. In 2013, the company formed the subsidiary WKM LLC, whose focus is on commodity chemicals for various industries and the ever growing Oil and Natural Gas Industry in the Eastern United States.

Now headquartered at the historical Lockhouse Building outside of the City of Pittsburgh on Neville Island, W.K. Merriman has carved out a niche by assisting manufacturing facilities and public treatment plants with chemical and biological wastewater treatment solutions for their environmental requirements.

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