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Ferric Chloride

A powerful, corrosive flocculant used in water purification and sewage treatment.

Ferric Chloride, also known as Iron chloride, is used in water purification and sewage treatment as a coagulant to improve the overall quality of water.

As a flocculant, chemicals that help small particles in water clump together so they can be removed, Ferric Chloride is dissolved in solution, where it forms an aqueous brown tinted solution. The solution is used to clear water of particles. Additional chemicals, such as chlorine, can be added for disinfecting purposes.

More than 80% of all Ferric Chloride is sold in municipal applications, with 53% sold for municipal wastewater applications, and 37% for potable water treatment applications. Industrial water treatment applications account for 6% of consumption, with the remaining 5% sold in non-water treatment applications, such as electronic and photographic etchants, metal surface treatment, and as a catalyst. Much of the etchant activity has moved to Asia. Electronic applications, especially for PCBs, are small in the United States.

Potable water treatment versus wastewater treatment chart

Product Information

  • Produced as NSF 60 approved material (for drinking water applications).
  • Specialty blends are available to reduce polymer addition.
  • 38% material had a specific gravity of 1.4 mg/l (weighing 11.7 lbs/gallon).
  • Shipped in full trucks, 330 gallon totes, and 55 gallon drums.

Storage and Handling:

  • Corrosive to all metals (except for titanium and tantalum).
  • No Stainless steel equipment
  • Fiberglass, PVC, CPVC, or steel with rubber
  • Fiberglass, PVC, CPVC, or steel with rubber, hypalon, ceramic, or plastic liner.
  • Min 6,000 gallon storage recommended.
  • Full trucks are approx. 4,000 gallons – recommended connection is 2”4 bolt flange.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Hard hat, face shield, chemical goggles, chemical suit, chemical resistant gloves, and boots.

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