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Dolomitic Lime Slurry

An easy to feed solution aimed at improving treatment system efficiency

Liquid Dolomitic Lime Slurry is easy to feed and provides the quick pH adjustment of Lime with the increased alkalinity of Magnesium in one liquid product. WKM Dolomitic Lime Slurry is a standard blend of 35% solids, but can be custom blended to meet your application needs.

  • Fully reacted using a controlled batching system and is manufactured from Dolomitic Hydrate for consistent particle size.
  • More cost effective than Caustic Soda and Magnesium Hydroxide, and also reduces sludge production due to a 40:60 Magnesium to Lime ratio, while increasing metals precipitation for better sludge stabilization and easier disposal.
  • Reduces scale buildup within denitrification systems while maximizing cell growth and energy by introducing both Magnesium and Calcium.
  • A ready-to-use product, creating a predictable and consistent mixture while also providing workers with a safer work environment and reduced risk of potential employee injury.

Altogether, improving the treatment system efficiency, reducing equipment maintenance and processing costs make our Liquid Dolomitic Lime Slurry an excellent hybrid alkaline solution.

WKM also provides on-site service to ensure a smooth transition to optimize the utilization of Dolomitic Lime Slurry. Mobile trial units are available to test our material on a full scale treatment system. We design and supply all the storage and feed equipment necessary to implement a successful conversion. A complete system would include storage tank, mixer, pumps, ultrasonic level indicator, cellular monitoring device for full inventory control, and the necessary valves and fittings.

Lime Slurry Storage Tank

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