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Lime Slurry

A free-flowing suspension of Calcium Hydroxide in Water

Lime Slurry is an odorless, low viscosity, and easy to pump suspension of Calcium Hydroxide in Water. The product is a cost effective alkali that can improve safety and water quality, as well as overall treatment performance.

Our Lime Slurry, also known as Calcium Hydroxide Slurry, is a standard blend of 35% solids, but can be custom blended to meet the unique needs of your application.

We have various grades of material based on production terminal:

1  - Standard Lime Slurry and Standard Lime Slurry PLUS
2 - Air Classified Hydrated Lime Slurry and Air Classified Hydrated Lime Slurry PLUS
3 - Enhanced Lime Slurry

These products are used in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, and environmental applications including active and inactive mine water treatment (acid mine drainage). They can be used for pH adjustment, water softening, metals precipitation and removal, and odor control among others.

Our Lime Slurries are made from ANSI/ NSF Standard 60 certified raw materials, ensuring acceptability for the treatment of drinking water as well.

The benefits for using Lime Slurry include: 

  • Ready-to-use, easy to feed and monitor due to user-friendly product properties. 
  • Fully reacted and delivered at a consistent concentration providing better chemical usage control.
  • Non-hazardous thus providing environmental and safety advantages when it comes to transportation, storage, and handling.
  • Eliminates air permit requirements and potential injuries associated with dry chemical handling.
  • Costly slaker repairs and fugitive dust are eliminated by replacing aging silo systems.
  • Ability to confidently establish and manage short-term and long-term operating budgets due to price stability.

As a leading Calcium Hydroxide Slurry (Lime Slurry) supplier and producer, we are prepared to work with you and your team's specific needs. Altogether, the reductions realized in labor, equipment maintenance and processing costs make our Lime Slurry an excellent alkaline solution. 

WKM also provides on-site service, ensuring a smooth transition to optimize the utilization of our Lime Slurries. Mobile trial units are available to test our material on a full scale treatment system. We design and supply all of the storage and feed equipment necessary to implement a successful conversion. A complete system would include storage tank, mixer, pumps, ultrasonic level indicator, cellular monitor device for full inventory control, and the necessary valves and fittings.

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